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Strengthening your online presence,
one post at a time.

We are KD Media, a Media Production company based in Southwest Florida, specializing in all things content creation for the modern day businessperson. From photography and  videography, to website building and  social media management, KD Media is here to help strengthen your online presence, one post at a time.

Why choose KD Media?


KD Media Group takes pride in being a customer-centric business. Not only do we make our clients our top priority, but we encourage them to become part of the team when they hire us. We want to make sure that you are involved in every step of creating your production.


We understand that it's important to provide nothing but the best quality for our clients. When you work with KD Media, you can trust that you'll receive top-quality work, top-quality productions, and a top-quality experience every single time.


The modern day businessperson  has an unpredictable schedule. Luckily, KD Media works around the clock to take care of our clients. You let us know what days and times are best for you, and we will fit the production into your timeline.


Our team has a combined 7+ years of experience in the media production industry. When you work with KD Media, you can trust that you have a knowledgable team to guide your production, and that we'll communicate the best approach to take for your project. 


When you decide to hire a media production company, you want to make sure that they are passionate about their work. At KD Media, we believe in the spread of good ideas through creativity. That means that we work to bring your ideas to life, and showcase it to your audience.

What sets us apart


Production Projects Completed

since 2020


Client Satisfaction Rate


Saw growth in their company after working with us


KD Media Group has been an indispensable asset to me and my company. Kiana has a vivid creative eye and brings all of my ideas to life effortlessly. I recommend her to all of my colleagues who want effective visuals for their marketing, website, instagram, etc.

—  Lorena Vargas, Owner of International Roofing

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