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Let's be honest...

If you're here because your business needs online content, you've come to the right place.

KD Media has proudly helped local businesses and entrepreneurs in the Southwest Florida area boost their online presence with stunning photo and video content.

We are photographers, videographers, editors, storytellers, and most importantly; creators

What We Do 

KD Media is a 5 Star rated media production company in Southwest Florida. 

We specialize in all things photography, videography, drone, and social media management! Our goal is to help you strengthen your online presence, one post at a time. We know that it can be hard to keep up with all the new age technology, apps, and trends; especially while trying to be an entrepreneur or running a business. That's why we take the chore off of your hands. Whether you need updated photos for your website, engaging videos for your YouTube channel, of for us to completely takeover your social media accounts, we've got your back. When you work with KD Media, you can focus on your day-to-day tasks, while we build your online presence in the background. 

More About Us


Since the beginning of 2020, it has been our goal to help local businesses grow their online presence. Since our world has gone digital, it's no secret that one of the major keys to having a successful business, is having a strong online presence. Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has simply proven that having an online presence is one of the biggest factors that kept businesses afloat through unprecedented times. Not only does having a social media presence allow you to reach a bigger audience; but with the right approach, you can grow your clientele upwards 80%, and strengthen your reliability towards prospects. 

Humble Beginnings

KD Media started as just an idea. We've been lucky enough to work with close business partners, to help us grow into the media production company we are today. Today, we've created up to 200 media projects to help businesses engage with their audience, and grow their clientele. 

Our Plan

We are committed to helping our clients for the long run. In other words, KD Media isn't going anywhere. When you start working with us, you can count on the fact that we'll be there until the very end. Take a look at our V.I.P Social Media Management package, to find out what KD Media can do for you, and help you over time. 

Meet The Owner


Kiana Norman

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Kiana started her career in Fort Myers, Florida by fulfilling her passion for photography while working in the early childhood education industry. 

After a few years of freelancing as a photographer, she decided to start a media production company. Without any capital or clients, Kiana used her bedroom at her childhood home as a studio, to launch her business. 

Kiana's goal for KD Media is to help local businesses and entrepreneurs bring all of their visions to life as far as creating content, and having a strong online presence. 

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