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Our Services

We provide our services to businesses of all genres, real estate brokers, and the solo entrepreneur. Each project is customized to fit your needs.


KD Media has everything you need to ensure your shoot is a success. From pre- and post-shoot advice to image editing and touch-ups, our range of professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome. Click below to find out more about our services!


We are passionate about creating and capturing films that leave the audience engaged and captivated. When you book with KD Media, we turn your vision into a reality. Click below to read more on our videography services, and  view our gallery!


Looking for high quality, edited aerial images? We capture footage with your online presence in mind. We provide ready-made footage for social media platforms, along with high resolution images optimized for the web. Book your next drone service today!


Social Media Management! When done right, social media breaks down barriers. Whether we work with you for an hour or for a year, we will help you show that there’s so much more to your company than meets the eye. Browse our S.M.M. services below!



This section outlines our base pricing for each service.

Pricing may vary based on the specifics of your project.

Click here to request a free quote for your specific project.


-  Starting Base Price: $250.00

Photography Services We Provide:

- Headshots - Product Photos - Location Photos

- Real Estate - Food Photography

- Editorials - Lifestyle/Social Media

Base Pricing Photography Includes:

- 1 Photographer - Up to 45 minutes of shooting time - Location of choice within Lee County, FL

- Necessary Equipment (not including props)

Completely Customized

Our photography service is the perfect choice for all your imagery needs. Every shoot is customized to fit your project. Whether you have a specific vision in mind, or you want us to have full creative control, our process is designed to be simple and easy for everyone involved.

Book with KD Media, and receive your photos digitally within 14 days after the shoot. 


-  Starting Base Price: $400.00

Videography Services We Provide:

- Real Estate Tours/Walkthroughs

- YouTube/Tutorial/Documentary Style Videos

- Social Media Advertisements

Base Pricing Videography Includes:

- 1 to 2 Videographers Based On Project

- Up to 1 hour of shooting time

- Location of choice within Lee County, FL

- Necessary Equipment (not including props)

Simple Processes

Full service video production in a breeze. Simply tell us what your video goals are, and we will execute! We have experience in creating videos of every genre, so no ideas are too big or too small. When you hire us for your video production, we make sure to include you in every step of the process. We want our clients to be informed, and incorporated into the operation. Book with KD Media for all your video production needs.

Drone Shoot

-  Starting Base Price: $75.00

Drone Services We Provide:

- Aerial Photo

- Aerial Video

-Aerial Time Lapse

Base Pricing Drone Includes:

- 1 Drone Pilot - Up to 30 minutes of shooting time - Location of choice within Lee County, FL

- Necessary Equipment (not including props)

Exceeding Expectations

Looking to get that perfect bird's-eye view of your business's location? Or maybe you need to show off some stunning aerial imagery of that you house you want to sell. Regardless of your needs, KD Media is here to help. When you book a drone service with us, we send out our professional drone pilot to the location of your request. Receive the most eye-catching drone imagery within 5 business days after the shoot. 

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Social Media Management
Our Most Popular Service!

We all know it can be a hassle to keep up with today's social media standards. At

KD Media, we're ready to take that pressure off your shoulders. Whether you need help with content creation, or you need us to completely take over your social accounts, we have the experience to help you grow your online presence, one post at a time. 

Browse our different Social Media Management packages below!


Starting at $100/month

This is our "Do It Yourself" package. Simply tell us what your business is, and the aesthetic you would like for your online presence. Once our team understands what your social media goals are, we put together one month's worth of content for you, including photos and text/graphics posts. We deliver the content digitally, and you post at your own leisure. This package is perfect for anyone who is just getting started in the social media world.


Starting at $300/month

This "Do It With You" package is ideal for anyone who already has a social media presence, but would like to step their game up a notch. First, we analyze your social media account to figure out what improvements can be made. Then, similar to our "Do It Yourself" package, we deliver a month's worth of content to you for you to post at your own leisure. This package also includes pre-written captions, and suggestions on the best times to post.


Starting at $550/month

Our "Do It For You" package is the ultimate solution for anyone who does not have the time to run their own social accounts. Let us take the chore off your shoulders, and build your online presence while you tend to your other obligations. This package comes with everything in the "Do It With You" package, and it also includes one FREE photoshoot session per month. We will use these photos for the content we create for your accounts, so your audience gets a more personal feel.


Starting at $800/month

Our V.I.P. service is our most valuable package. When we say V.IP, we mean it. Not only do you get all the services included in the previous packages, but this service also comes with up to three FREE photoshoot or video shoot sessions per month. We will use the photos and videos we capture, to create engaging posts, which are the ultimate key to social media growth. This service will have your audience enjoying every inch of your social media pages.  


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